Parfum Blanc Ciel

A delicate fragrance, as aquatic as it is airy and vaporous, which uses every shade of white for a light creaminess.

Blanc Ciel

A crystalline and aqueous departure which evokes the last raindrops, with a nashi accord, this pear apple with an immaculate and juicy core which is enhanced with ambrette. The dove’s soft, white wings unfold in the powdery, vaporous, floral heart with notes of mimosa and iris. The soft, woody-creamy, ecru base with sandalwood essence, white musk and vetiver complete this journey towards serenity.

The perfumer’s word

“­A white and pearly feather, twirling to the whims of a sea breeze, on pastel accents of water fruits (nashi) and slightly intoxicating powder, between mimosa and pollen: a bubble of air, a moment of lightness suspended between hot air and fresh air, a snowflake, with the scent of ozone and yellow flower.­”

Bertrand Duchaufour


Inspiration Blanc Ciel
Inspiration Blanc Ciel
Inspiration Blanc Ciel

­“The storm is over and the rain has stopped. In the barely revealed azure sky, a dove serenely flutters its wings. The white of its plumage blends into the last clouds. Peace reigns…