Parfum Joyeuses Tropiques

A chypre fragrance, with resolutely exotic accents in tribute to this contemporary category of the great 19th century explorers.

Joyeuses Tropiques

At the head, the exoticism of the fruity cocktail with notes of pineapple, mango and kumquat sparkles like the outrageously coloured feathers of the parrots. The floral and light heart of the chypre is like a carnivorous flower in the jungle, between tuberose, tropical leaf and Paraguayan petitgrain. The traditional chypre base is adorned with tropical accents with Haitian vetiver and chocolate.

The perfumer’s word

“­­Between shades of yellow and red (pomegranate, guava, pineapple, mango, passion fruit) and untamed ornaments (tyrian rose, cream gardenia, tuberous sulfur), like a macaw that spreads its wings in a cry of conquest on the ophite expanses of a vast tropical forest. The scents of earth and vegetation come up from everywhere and catch this exuberant flight.”

Bertrand Duchaufour


Inspiration Joyeuses Tropiques
Inspiration Joyeuses Tropiques
Inspiration Joyeuses Tropiques

“The jungle is warm and moist. Suddenly, a group of parrots emerges. As they are determined to fight boredom, their enthusiasm becomes contagious; cheerfulness and good humour spread from tree to tree; their coloured feathers explode like fireworks and the echo of their frolics gradually fills the canopy…