Parfum Parade du Soir

An Indian reinterpretation made of spices, fruits, flowers and wood, which plays the perfect harmony of the everlasting-spice duo.

Parade du Soir

At the head, swirls of cardamom, ginger and black pepper sweep us away straight to the doors of Indian palaces. At the heart, the solar and refined ylang-ylang and orchid are adorned with a silky indigo halo with iris and plum; all the sparkles of the wonderful iridescent colours of the peacock’s plumage unfold. Finally, sandalwood and everlasting which evoke curry provide an Indian twist to the oriental background which is already intoxicated with myrrh.

The perfumer’s word

“­­A shimmering metallic blue note (pink berry, cardamom, aldehydes) on which all the accents of the night are reflected (black pepper, chocolate, patchouli, vetiver). A striking contrast of light and mysterious shadows, which make this oriental fragrance the unusual setting of a powerful seduction.”

Bertrand Duchaufour


Inspiration Parade du Soir
Inspiration Parade du Soir
Inspiration Parade du Soir

­­­­­“­So many tricks need to be deployed to please! The peacock, this eccentric seducer dressed in his evening attire attracts all the attention; he emerges in a whirlwind of gold, emeralds and sapphires…”