Parfum Tapage Nocturne

A fragrance in which the oud innovates and surprises with its sparkling, fresh, resolutely nocturnal and chic “whisky-coca-cola” accord which gives it a lounge atmosphere.

Tapage Nocturne

At the sparkling and erupting head, the lime, litsea cubeba and ginger accord is a prelude to this long evening which lies ahead. The heart features an audacious blend of osmanthus, “coke” and coffee and plunges us into the spirals of the night. The owl ruffles its silky feathers in rich tones of brown and perfectly blends into the dark and lively atmosphere of the lounge where tobacco fumes and rum surround the precious oud.

The perfumer’s word

Tapage Nocturne is the oud of the future, the modernized oud which dances until the end of the night. It is ready for anything to be noticed differently than by its black and animal note. Lime, exotic verbena, ginger and cinnamon open the ball of this explosive cocktail. Its chic and leathery heart softens this madness of sparks by the osmanthus-coffee accord. Its chic blackissime background makes it remarkably different from the others, intoxicated with dancing and the night, with its tobacco-whiskey-Oud and guaiac wood notes.­­”

Anne-Sophie Behaghel


Inspiration Tapage Nocturne
Inspiration Tapage Nocturne

“It is after midnight. The forest is dark. Only its eyes glisten in the darkness. The owl, this incurable night bird, is determined to enjoy this new evening to the fullest; its preads its wings and takes off without a sound between the forming shadows…­­”