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Véronique Vatar-Bourgogne

PLUMAGES… was created from my passion for birds.

They’ve always been with me. They are beautiful, they are elegant; such style and refinement! They shape wonderful memories and inspire me with so many emotions: majesty, power, delicacy, courage, they command admiration… Many trips have allowed me to observe and photograph them, until I realized that their plumages adorned my dreams! Their fascinatingly beautiful feathers are both light and strong, refined and sophisticated, colourful and elegant. They form works of art in their own right. Transforming these living paintings into perfumes is a different way of expressing and sharing my passion; a challenge for which I have chosen to surround myself with perfumers in order to transcribe with them the colourful intensity of their feathers, the shimmer, the iridescence which fragrances often translate to perfection. Natural ingredients, like the endless shades of the colors of feathers are a gift of nature to our moving senses.

PLUMAGES… for sumptuous journeys.

Véronique Bourgogne-Vatar


Véronique Vatar-Bourgogne

Véronique Bourgogne-Vatar

She dreamed of becoming a perfumer… her pharmaceutical studies lead her to a marketing career in the well-being field. Sensitive to Nature’s riches and passionate about birds, she now wishes to devote herself to these two passions by uniting birds and perfumes! Thus began PLUMAGES



Bertrand Duchaufour

Bertrand Duchaufour

He has achieved a large number of successes among the biggest brands in this market. Bertrand Duchaufour, who is an accomplished artist, brings all his sensitivity to the creation of each fragrance. Seduced by the colorful universe of these winged creatures, he has composed moving chords which are both sophisticated and light.

Anne-Sophie Beghahel

Anne-Sophie Behaghel

Anne-Sophie Behaghel, a sparkling, curious and generous creator, strives to share her passion for beautiful ingredients. Willing to dare, she has expressed a lot of modernity and surprises in the PLUMAGES creations. At FLAIR, she has composed for many historical and new brands.